Enamel Rings

Dani Cremer started with men's jewelry before it was popular like today. at 1985 Dani cremer felt there isn't enough jewelry market for men. Rings for men, were not a easy find, the internet yet to evolve. he started by selling on the streets, until he opened his shop in 1995. Through the years he started making jewelry for women as well. Exploring the women's jewelry industry For years but from a male perspective. nowadays Dani Cremer grow to a family business. Dani's daughter Noam, his son Omer, and Rachel, Dani's wife are helping with the styling, the advertising and sales. we make mostly custom made rings for Women and Men, all shapes, styles, and sizes, with every crazy idea we are here to help you choose the right jewelry for YOU.

you can order yours size, personalize order,

just for you.