About Us

For the Love of Metal

Dani Cremer has spent the past 35 years honing his craft to ensure the pieces that he creates today are nothing short of perfection. His handmade clasps, made with 925 silver and 9/14k gold, are a wonderful feat of engineering, uniquely designed to enhance the beauty of each item, and ensure an exceptional finish.

"At age 23, on a tour of Europe, I discovered the world of metalworking, and since then it has become the essence of my life"


Dani modeling some of his works

For the Love of Fine & Stylish Things

Dani Cremer Jewelry represents the finer things in life. We aim to please those who appreciate high quality, hand-crafted jewelry and those who place a high value on their appearance and styling.

For the Love of the Bespoke

Our jewels are made of 925 silver, 9/14k gold, titanium, diamonds, precious/semi-precious gemstones and leather. Each piece is individually crafted and made-to-order in Dani's workshop.


For the sake of Love

Dani's inspiration derived from ancient cultures, fictional cultures, and steam punk. but Dani's biggest inspiration of all is Rachel, Dani's wife for the past 33 years. They've Met in 1984 during Summer in the city of Tel Aviv, through mutual friends. Rachel just finished her teaching degree and was planning to travel across Europe with her best friend Susan. A few weeks after she left, Dani started missing her and felt he can't wait for her to come back, he was afraid that she will forget him. then without a penny in his pocket he flew from Israel to Europe in hoping to find her. they've met in Amsterdam, with an emotional meeting at the vondelpark, one of the must Romantic places in Amsterdam.


Dani and Rachel, Amsterdam 1985


The plan was to travel as long as they can, and to visit As many.countries as possible. So they stayed on a low budget rooms through out the all trip. when the started to ran out of money, they were in Paris. there they encountered with the street art. falling inlove with it and Dani had a hobby of jewelry assembling from pieces he bought at local markets. He made jewelry mostly for himself. Then Rachel Came up with the idea to sell Dani's Jewelry, till that point it was strictly a hobby for Dani. Rachel pushed him to pursuing his dream and to sell his art. Things he used to do only for himself and her. Rachel then offered him a deal, he will concentrate on making jewelry and will she sell his jewelry, so they went to local fairs and markets and started selling them. He made the jewelry using tools he bought at the start of the trip. When they came back they opened together their first shop in Ra'anana, Israel. Till this day Rachel are involved with the management and marketing operation.


"Till these day, Rachel is my greatest inspiration" -  Dani Cremer


Dani's workshop, the making of a titanium chain

Our Workshop Studio is in Kfar Saba a small town near Tel Aviv, at the heart of Israel. all are welcome to come visit our studio, we make custom made jewelry to Men and Women. contact us to arrange an appointment.

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