Titanium- stronger, lighter and lasts longer then silver.

Jewelry has been with human since the beginning of wisdom, mainly made from bones, wood and shells. We developed over time and discovered new ways to handle with more gentle care various metals such as gold, silver, and platinum which are popular till this day. those metal are usually combined with different kinds of gemstone such as topaz, garnet, diamonds, and pearls.

Although most of the jewelry nowadays are made from either gold or silver, more and more designer are looking to embrace new material ideas in order to innovate and to shine above their competition.

Titanium, The new kid on the block -  in the recent decade we see demanding growth of jewelry made from titanium. Titanium is a rough silver-grey in color,  it's a highly durable substance, very resistant to bending, cracking, can't be scratch easily, very light weight substances if you compare it to other metals. 

Not like silver which is soft, Titanium is a hard tough metal. titanium can be weld, but it needed a special process which most of the jewelry designers don't have the right equipment, that makes it very difficult to integrate it to the jewelry. but that didn't stop us from trying to make it accessible to you as a jewelry.

Although the color of natural titanium is silver grey, there is a way to alter his color. using a heating process, the color is changing duo to a trait of the substance, The process is called anodizing.

One of our new features is the Bracelet Beads, We take the raw titanium molded into Beads, the beads are heated to a certain degree in order to give them specific colors.  in the picture below you can see it turning into light blue, which is one of our selected titanium colors. we also make dark grey and dark blue as seen in pictures above.

Today there is a growing demand in the titanium industry,not just because it's a strong and light metal, but it's also hypoallergenic material, which means it won't get you infections, or allergies while wearing our titanium jewelry. titanium is often used in wide range of fields in our lives.

Military industry- titanium is used to build aircrfts, ships, space ships, submarines, shield, ammo and more. 

other uses - Jewelry, bicycles, golf clubs, dental implants and more.

other traits:

-High sea water resistance.

-hypoallergenic - won't cause allergic reaction like nickel for example.

-Duo to high conducting ability, often use in microelectronic. 

Most of today use of titanium in men's jewellery is by casting titanium into molds. here in Dani Cremer we make one by one handmade titanium links and braid them together to form a strong but flexible cord for necklaces or bracelets. lasts longer and lighter then silver.

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