Jewelry Care

We will start by saying how much we love jewelry, we love what we do, and we love making people happy. Please treat your jewelry with the at most respect, You wear Jewelry in every important event in your life, they help you express yourself, they give you confidence, they are empowering you to feel good about yourself, and they can do all that if you help them remain as fine as you got it for that special first time. There are some ways to make your jewelry be as shiny and beautiful as the day you've met, and hopefully someday, give as a heirloom for our children.


When you buy a brand new piece of jewelry fresh from the jewelry designer, you get it exactly they way you want it, but it won't stay like that forever. The truth is that fine jewelry with precious metal such as silver and gold need Maintenance. The most Common metals used in jewelry is gold and silver, mostly integrates with gemstones or diamonds. We fell in love with them, we wear them daily to work, to hangouts, and we never take them off, so naturally over time it will tarnish and loss his shine. A good jewelry could last a lifetime, but throughout the years it could wear off, or it could get tarnished. you can care for it and try to avoid a few exposures that will hurt the jewel or the jewelry designer you'll have to go to in order to clean it up, or fix it.


Many jewelry stores are offering a free check up or cleaning of the jewelry, it is advised to go to a check up at a jewelry store every 10 to 18 months, someone you can trust handling delicate jewelry. in addition to your weekly care, with a few things to watch out from.

  • Don't wear it to the pool, or to the beach- chlorine in the pool makes the jewelry tarnish.
  • Don't Clean the house with it!- there are a handful chemicals in each of The detergents we use daily, such as bleach. 
  • Perfume or other chemical based products such as spray deodorant, may tarnish your jewelry.
  • Sunlight and heat exposure. 
  • Try to keep away from places with high humidity.
  • A few chemical we sweat interacts with our jewelry, it's not specific your sweat.

Important to remember- The Silver's natural tendency is to tarnish and lose his brightness, so don't stress about it, here what you can do to help .

most of the jewelry with gold silver and gemstones can easily be cleaned using warm water and mild dish soap, as long as it not containing any detergents, and a special cloth or a soft brush. try not to clean it over the sink, you don't want to lose a piece down the drain.

Proper jewelry storage is overlooked. Jewelry should never be tossed into a drawer or on top of a dresser, even in your jewelry box he could scratch or could damage gems.
Most jewelry pieces come in a box or pouch from the store, which is a perfect place to keep them.

Leather Bracelets

We use high quality leather in our jewelry, but if you won't care for the jewelry he will worn-out. the leather doesn't conform with water, don't take it with you to the pool, the beach, or even the shower! also it's not recommended to sleep with it, excessive exposure to sweat may worn him down.

What you can do to prolong his life span ?

Apply Transparent shoe polish every six months or so, minimum a month from use to use.

Hope i helped you respect jewelry a bit more.